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Mailing Salagir

I receive thousands of spam per day. Mostly because I used several addresses, all available on websites, and I like to make some use of the catch-all too. Since ten years.
For people who know a little about mailing, you understand that my mail is a huge mess.

Therefore, and I'm sorry about it, but in order to mail me, you'll have to meet certains conditions.

Fan Mail

You know, I made this system because of you. Because most of your mail just didn't come thru, especially if you didn't speak french.

So. For each site I made, I created a specific email address, and a specific word to put in the subject. The subject may contain other words (in fact, it'd be better. Put good subjects to your mails, please), but it NEEDS this word, otherwise, it's directly in spam.

You want to talk to me about...You use the mail...And add in the subject the word...
Geek's World WebcomicsalagirAgeeksworldZorgGsW
Dragon Ball Multiverse WebcomicmultiverseAsalagirZcomDBM
Secret of Mana ou Power of ManapowerofmanaAsalagirZcomMeka
Salachid StudiozeteamAsalachidZcomCeD

Friend Mail

If you're a friend of mine, and we exchanged many mails, then your address is most certainly on my whitelist and you can mail me at any email with no subject condition, but using it is still a good idea.

If you're the kind of guy who forwards jokes and pyramidal letters, you're certainly totally out of my whitelist.

If you're the kind of guy who has a virus and sends spam with his own email, same thing.

My Answer

I read each and every mail that get to me, according to the conditions told earlier. But it takes time. I only understand two languages : French, and English.

It may take from 5 to 15 days for me to answer. The shorter and simpler is the mail, the faster the answer. The longest and most interesting mails will take the most time.

If your mail does not contain questions, or questions that are already answered on my sites, or too many insults, or is written in a language I can't read (German, Korean, Elfic, SMS...), I may not answer at all.